[Music post] Blutengel – Black Symphonies Box set

Hey Vamps,

If you didn’t know by now Blutengel are my favourite band and I’m probably ONE of their biggest fans (I could name a couple of others I know and there’s loads out there) so whenever there is a new release I get a wave of excitement.
You can imagine how excited I was to see the release date for the Black Symphonies album/box set and as box sets go this one is going to be the best by far.
I’ll just let these images do the talking for a moment:
Mens t-shirt box set:
symphonies box men

Order HERE

Girlie t-shirt box set:
symphonies box women

Order HERE

Now lets talk about what’s in this amazing box set:

  • You get a “Black Symphonies” exclusive t-shirt (either men’s or girlie which ever you order/prefer)
  • “Black Symphonies” Deluxe DigiCD/DVD
  • Exclusive CD single “Krieger” (only available in the box set)
  • “Black Symphonies” Candle cover & Candle
  • Special exclusive collectors item: a hand numbered replica page from the original score for “Reich mir die Hand”, hand-signed by Chris and Ulrike

This all comes in a beautiful black wooden box with gold print.

Album tracklisting:

  1. Legend / Nachtbringer (Symphonic Version)
  2. Krieger (Symphonic Version)
  3. Soultaker (Symphonic Version)
  4. Über den Horizont (Symphonic Version)
  5. Deine Welt (Symphonic Version)
  6. Behind The Mirror (Symphonic Version)
  7. Kinder dieser Stadt (Symphonic Version)
  8. Reich mir die Hand (Symphonic Version
  9. Die Zeit (Symphonic Version)
  10. Seelenschmerz (Symphonic Version)
  11. You Walk Away (Symphonic Version)
  12. Monument (Symphonic Version)

DVD Tracklisting:
Live from “Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig”
1. Soultaker
2. Ein Augenblick 
3. Die With You
4. Reich mir die Hand

“Krieger” CD Tracklisting:
1. Krieger
2. Krieger Lord Of The Lost Version feat. Chris Harms
3. Grey City

Now I’ll tell you a little bit about the album.
For those who caught the Gothic meets Klassik concert in 2012 or Blutengel’s classical tour in 2013 or even the videos on Youtube (though Youtube videos don’t compare to the live show) you’ll know what the songs will sound like and how incredible they will be.
For those who didn’t catch the concerts and haven’t seen the videos let lone even heard of Blutengel, “Black Symphonies” is an orchestral album of some of Blutengel’s songs with a symphony orchestra.
Chris and Ulrike were so impressed and mesmerized by the Gothic meets Klassik concert where they performed with the symphony orchestra of Zielona Gora at the Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig they put together a classical tour with a chamber ensemble because they didn’t want it to be just a one time concert. Now they took the next step to creating what will be an incredible album to relive those concerts through this grand studio production.
The album also features a new song “Krieger”.
“Black Symphonies” will also be released as a deluxe album which features a live DVD of the best parts of the Gothic meets Klassik concert at Neues Gewandhaus, Leipzig, and of course as the box set mentioned above.

I saw the concert in Berlin in November and was blown away, hearing the songs I love by Blutengel backed by an orchestra really was mesmerizing and took my breathe away, this album really will be amazing and I can’t wait for the release date which is FEBRUARY 28TH 2014
Below are two photos I took at the concert at Huxleys Neue Welt in Berlin on November 9th:
DSC_0203 copy

DSC_0284 copy

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